Sunday, April 27, 2014

NEVER Giving Up On Purpose

Psalm 120:1
In my distress I cried unto the LORD, and he heard me.

*As my situation peaks, I can feel the gnawing pressure of the world and my responsibilities cave in on me. As some may know and others are unaware, I have been laid off my job for a long period of time. Prior to that, even with two degrees and experience, I was barely making ends meat. However, I was growing stronger spiritually with every waking minute. It were as if God knew my purpose, which He always did, and knew I had a limited time to grow to successfully carry out His plan; so I grew rapidly. Meanwhile, He supplied my needs through the kindness of strangers and some new found friends, but I still longed for stability of temporal, sustainability. Meanwhile, my faith took blows as each job didn't come through and now I face potentially losing my car to non-payment as I have run out of funds and gone beyond those who have rendered assistance and are capable of providing additional means. However, I have yet to lose my car this day and I am back in believing its potential for safe keeping despite struggling with slight depression. You see, I am spiritually strong, but humanly emotional in fighting my flesh daily as I have battled career, the struggles of others and being their for them, and keeping hope alive for years. Yet, I have NEVER felt spiritual peace and strength this strong even at one of my lowest points. I will rise above this and continue my calling to show Godly love to u, my sisters and brothers, and give all a new perspective on how to view thoughts and ideas of every day life and expectancies that line up with the spiritual realm. Still, I rise as I tell the devil to flee and regain my strength in hopes for a better tomorrow. I cry out NOW to my God to save me in order to continue to advance YOU and myself to still receive the blessings of Abraham. Please, pray my strength in the Lord for I will NOT fail.

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