Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Let Go and Let God

Trouble and distress have come upon me, but your commands give me delight.

Psalm 119:143 NIV

"Father God, You are the God of my impossible. Lord, will You penetrate those areas of my life where I have lost hope and lost faith. Lord, please demonstrate Your mighty power and faithfulness to resurrect the broken and failed things in my life so that You may be glorified. Help me to peacefully let go of anything that is not in Your will for me to have. In Jesus’ name. Amen. "

Despite what we feel and see, there is nothing too hard for God to turn around. Things may not have went according to plan, but that's because God has a greater plan. We don't realize the power God holds, and how that power is in us and can be utilized if we believe. Including myself, I pray we all hang in there,  and do not be afraid of what we feel or see vs. what God is trying to guide us to... Let go, and let God...

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