Friday, August 14, 2015

The Golden Rule

Matt. 7:12 ESV

The Golden Rule
12 So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.

*I'm sure we have all heard of "The Golden Rule," but do we really abide by it or know how powerful it is? In Galatians 6, it talks about how whatever your u sow, you will reap... The same can be said with the golden rule...We must learn to respect and treat others how we wish they would treat us. In other words, lead by example. Think of it this way: No one knows what you have experienced, how you were brought up, or what your expectations are unless you tell them. It is our job to teach people how to work with us, and it is not fair to hold people accountable for something they know nothing about. Furthermore, it is also our job to work with others and understand how they are if we expect the same. This is called having an open mind and compromising. For instance, if you are blunt or rude, you can't expect others to be that way because we are all different. What we can do is work together to respect and use our differences to reach common ground, if you plan to deal with that person and establish a bond. However, first you must understand yourself and know how God sees you and who you REALLY are. Let's go back to the rude behavior example... Do you really believe God would want you to behave this way? Is that a true representation of yourself, or is it really a defense mechanism that you use to "protect" yourself. We must realize our true characteristics and how God wants us to do others before we can exude that to others, and expect them to give it back to us. Let's not operate out of hurt, convenience, trying to get the upper-hand, or any other defense mechanism or act of inconsideration. Let's really get to know ourselves, clean ourselves up with the love of God, which will then transfer into how to properly treat others. This love will finally develop into how others should be treating you, rather then a cycle of hurt you keep feeling bc of how you treat others based on past wounds and transgressions. The golden rule runs deeper then you know...Look beyond the surface.

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