Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Marriage Between a Man and Woman

Thought for the Day:

Those of you who have been blessed with your mate were made for such a time as this...You all were personally chosen to stand up for God's definition of marriage, called to be examples, and should utilize your relationship as a guiding light of truth, which many of you do. Take pride in your gift/blessing, and be honored that in these times YOU BOTH are meant to drive His people back to the tradition of truth and correct inaccurate portrayals of love today. MOST IMPORTANTLY, it is your relationship that has the divine light to win others over through the love you share with your spouse, which will allow that love to seep into the hearts of the misled. RISE UP married believers! I'm praying for u! How blessed are you to have been chosen to represent God's true definition of marriage and love...Be encouraged!

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