Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Fearlessly Inclined to Believe and Receive

Isaiah 41:10 (ESV)
Don't fear, because I am with you; don't be afraid, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, I will surely help you; I will hold you with my righteous strong hand.

*We have all run into times when we have been in fear, skeptical, doubtful, or just down right in disbelief. All of this is attached to fear. Sure, some people would like to believe in the possibilities of God or even in His existence, but are too afraid to let go of what they know or see to truly embrace what they claim to believe. I know because I've heard it and have been there...It's easy to become fearful, but growth is in the strength of holding on and proclaiming God's promises. God has the capability to help us through anything if we are willing to let Him in fully...That is how uou walk in the foolness of God. He has the answer if we are willing to receive it, yet fear can overshadow our thoughts and consume us with concern. This same fear is meant to distract you from remembering His promises, and what He has done for you over and over again. Now imagine His capabilities if we could fully learn to trust and live for Him. I challenge you today to look for an opportunity to shine for God by helping someone remove the darkness developed from fear. You may find that you learn what's eating you during the process....There is no power in fear, but power is in God and His capability to strengthen and deliver.

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