Friday, May 30, 2014

Transformation Food 4 Thought (vol.2 Con.)

1. May the blessings of God rain down upon us like the moisture of tonight, shake our circumstance like the sound of thunder, and wash away anything that is not like Him.

2. Life is an unexpected journey filled with loops, turns, potholes, and a highway leading you through each level of assignments as u ride on the road of purpose...No matter how,many times we veer in and out of the directions provided, God is still there to guide us towards the eternal destination with helpful pit stops and sights to see along the way.

3. Many people have suggestions, but few want to be a part of the solution...This walk of faith is more then words of encouragement and throwing out a few scriptures. How much are u willing to be "bothered," and how deep are you willing to sow?

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