Thursday, May 8, 2014

Renewing of the Mind

Ephesians 6:10

The Armor of God

10 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. (NIV)

*Before can truly embrace our purpose, begin or fulfill our destiny, or embrace any assignments, we must build strength and belief in God and what we know in His word vs what we believe is true. Some people have heard the word and maybe even study what it says (as you should to relate it to your life's circumstances), but have yet to fully renew their mind and embrace God's power and capabilities for your life. Instead, people settle for day by day restrictions, feeling unworthy or incapable of accomplishing the tasks God gives us, hold on to embedded ways of thinking that are formed from cliches or superstitions, or are governed by fear because you are too scared of trying the unknown. Instead of embracing God's power, people trap themselves in this bubble of leaning on your own understanding or sticking with life as you know it vs life as God says and would have it to be.

For example, every time you embrace death, a hardship, or isolating yourself from certain individuals, you are saying it is God's will for this to occur when that is NOT AT ALL the case. This is not to say that you won't experience things, but think of His promises: How can God promise you 120 years on this planet (Genesis 6:3), but tell you your time is up in life before you reach that period? How can He tell you to go out and preach the gospel go the world (Mark 16:15), but tell you to isolate yourself and only edify one group? How is it that He wants you to have health and prosperity (3 John 2), but places sickness and failure on you? That is because He didn't! These are often due to choices we have made, and beliefs we choose to follow. Yes, it takes time for certain things, but God can even reveal that to us through the signs and wonders He provides as you walk the path He ordained, and set into motion for your destiny. For instance, my career path has been set. The time it took to go through this was longer then expected, but bc of seeds sown and people He has brought into my life, He confirms I am still on the right path. God is powerful enough to make His presence known. If you are on the wrong path, or thinking the wrong thing, you will know it if you allow yourself to be intuned with whether or not you are missing His presence or the green light to say things unless it is in His word.

Don't fall short to sayings, known circumstances, or those sneaky thoughts that try to hinder the mind and block the blessings. Embrace God's power to COMPLETELY renew your mind, and strengthen your faith in all the possibilities you are capable of if you are only willing to EMBRACE and believe.

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