Friday, April 10, 2015

Our True Traits

2 Timothy 1:7 ESV

For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.

*Many of us accuse others for what we lack inside and what we fear. We may tell others to stop being a certain way because we don't understand it, we blame other people for overwhelming us even though it is us who may be poor at time management, we embrace "friends" and things we are use to bc we are too scared to think and try things outside the box, or perhaps you see the faults of others and ignore your own. Whatever the case is, God gave us power to understand yet control ourselves around all walks of life. He also gave u the power to know who and what you should embrace without fear, and also who and what to let go. If other people, jobs, or things are driving you crazy then it is because you haven't embraced your power to operate with a sound mind. Sure things will upset us, but if u feel like u are losing your mind then it is a choice you have made to allow that thing or person to do that to you. Lastly, we have the power to walk in love. It is so easy for us to be rude, snappy, not want to discuss something, or be snooty. Yet, it is a rarity when you find a loving individual or walk in love. Most people do not know how to embrace this, when it should be the opposite. Let's exercise our ability to be more then the norm because most people can be rude, they can blame others and things, not keep their word, be fearful that others will hurt them or uncover a secret, or they can be scared to move forward or try something new. If God says u can do it, don't u think you He gave you the wisdom and power to do so? Self grooming will cause an outward change...Embrace the power and love God put on the inside of u, and not the coldness the world taught you...

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