Friday, August 8, 2014


2 Corinthians 8:7 ESV

But as you excel in everything—in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in all earnestness, and in our love for you—see that you excel in this act of grace also.

*You may be familiar with the saying, "When you know better, you do better." (Mya Angelou) Now, think on the meaning of that in comparison to this scripture. As you grow, or should be growing, in your understanding of faith and walking in love while developing an understanding of the importance of showing grace towards others as God shows it towards you. Thinking of it this way: Many people have compassion for a child who doesn't know any better. Therefore, you do not come down as hard on them when they mess up, but you are willing to train and explain the right way of doing things. That child may even be spared from punishment because of their lack of understanding. Now think on how God applies that towards us...Jesus hasn't came back for the second time because He is waiting on everyone to hear of and have the opportunity to except faith and the love He offers. That's the activation of grace and mercy through the understanding of love. We are responsible for doing the same: We can't expect a person on a different level or of an ungodly mindset to always understand. That's when it is our responsibility to show grace, and walk in love to teach. So, as you wrap up your week, think on those you have lost patience with or criticized and make an effort to up your tolerance through walking in love and meditating on God to activate grace in teaching them how to understand you, but most importantly see God in you...

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